Frasers Tower

Frasers Tower is a commercial building by Frasers Centrepoint Singapore located within the Singapore Business District that boasts modern and eco-friendly facilities.

This website promotes the commercial development inside and out, containing large hero banners, an interactive map and image galleries.



Promotional Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs) for 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, used to inform their customer base of promotions and upcoming events.



DODID is a Singapore-based data centre with state-of-the-art and eco-friendly features.

This website promotes the company and its services, using the concept of “Trifecta”, with the website built upon three columns and interactive sections that slide open for the user.



Studio Wills + Architects (sw+a) is a Singapore-based architectural firm.

This website comprises of a slideshow showcasing their portfolio and philosophy.


GameAxis SG

GameAxis is a Singapore-based online magazine for the latest in videogame news and reviews.

This website houses its news feed updated by its editors, featuring image galleries and custom review score boxes.


NETS Consumer

Electronic Direct Mailers for the Singapore-based Payment Network NETS, highlighting new promotions and announcements to its subscribers through periodic newsletters.